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HDTV Distribution and TV Control System Digital Matrix

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8X20 HD Digital Matrix All-in-one Package with Full Control

The Contemporary Research Venue Vizion HDTV Distribution and TV Control System has been designed to offer a complete high quality content distribution and control solution. This unit provides the ability to create multiple in-house channels of high-definition content from satellite or cable receivers, PC's, media players and other sources utilizing Contemporary Research's QMOD HDTV Modulators IPTV Encoders. Making this setup a perfect solution for use in bars, restaurants, convention centers, concession stands, medical offices, corporations or house of worships, basically any venue you can imagine.

The Venue Vizion RF Control Center hosts user friendly Web pages for control and sends commands over the same RF coax as the digital channels. The included TV controllers, multiple TV's and video walls can be commanded with a simple touch of a button. Further more the built in software allows for total control with a PC, tablet, or smartphone, multiple users can access the DX Lite Web page for touch control.

This unit is both easy to install and easy to adapt into your current system. The system comes rack ready, preset, and operational out-of-the-box with only a few steps taken by the end user. While the system is preconfigured for simplicity, it is not limited in application. Five different models of QMODs can be specified, and IR and/or RS-232 controllers may be used. More TV controllers, tuner/controllers for projectors, modulators, RF combiners, amplifiers, and other components can be added at any time.

Please Note: This is a configurable system, please specify upon ordering which of the included 4 QMODS you would like as well as which of the 20 included Display Controllers (ICC1-232 or ICC1-IRX) you will need.

The Venue Vizion Includes:

4 QMODs– Choice of HDMI 2, YPB 2 and HDMI RGB
20 Display Controllers- ICC1-232 or ICC1-IRX
1 Active Combiner
1 DXL Ethernet Head-End Display Control Center
Additional Accessories per configuration

Each product has already been assembled, pre-wired, and placed into a rack kit. The media distribution and TV control system provides the ability to create multiple in-house channels of high-definition content captured from satellite or cable receivers, PCs, media players, and other sources.

This pre-configured approach saves end users both time and money when upgrading their systems. Simply power on, install the TV controllers, and then add content sources and scan for channels. That’s it! Once the system is up and running, it is only one step to add the system to your network from the front panel menu and begin grouping TVs and existing channels. Each system is thoroughly tested before it gets shipped.

Installation consists of 6 easy steps:

1. Unpack and test the Venue Vizion system.
2. Connect the RF output of the system to your RF distribution system.
3. Integrate the TV controllers to TVs and connect to the RF distribution system.
4. Link the ICE-HE-DXL to a wired or wireless Ethernet network to view the DX Lite control pages.
5. Define TVs, Groups, and Channels in DX Lite software.
6. Install rack equipment and integrate sources


  • Channel Origination
  • Four QMOD HDTV Modulators-IPTV Encoders convert up to eight sources to digital channels
  • RF outputs from the QMODs connect to the QCA9-33 Active Combiner to make one RF feed
  • Choose from the following QMOD models:
  • QMOD-YPB2 - Two HD Component inputs
  • QMOD-HDMI 2 - Two HDMI inputs
  • QMOD-HDMI RGB - One HDMI input, one Component/RGBHV input
  • Available at added cost:
  • QMOD-SDI 2 - Two SDI inputs
  • QMOD-SDI HDMI, One SDI input, one HDMI input
  • Additional QMODs can be added at any time
  • TV Control
  • ICE-HE-DXL Display Control Center
  • Hosts Display Express Lite, an embedded Web page for TV control
  • Controls up 128 TVs, arranged in any number of groups
  • Defines up to 16 channels
  • One-touch control of TVs for channels, volume, and power
  • Sends control commands over the same RF coax as the digital channels


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