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The Contemporary Research line of QMOD modulators offers plenty of inputs such as HDMI, SDI, and component video. Inserting a QMOD channel in to your system is relatively easy. Filter out an unused channel/station and insert the QMOD in the mix with an RF combiner. The latest generation models consisting of the QMOD-HDMI RGB, QMOD-HDMI 2, QMOD-SDI HDMI, QMOD-SDI 2, and QMOD-YPB2 feature dual channels and integrated full scaling. The new QIP line of IPTV dual encoders can process two MPEG2 or H.264 video streams, each supported by a hardware scaler that can accept and format virtually all video between 1080p and 480i in NTSC, VGA, and PAL standards.
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Contemporary Research QMOD-HDMI 2

Dual Channel HDMI HDTV Modulator & IPTV Encoder

SKU: 5098-001
  • Dual channel HDMI modulator, non HDCP
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 year warranty
  • Dual scalers
  • IPTV stream out

Contemporary Research QMOD-HDMI RGB

HDMI and RGBHV HDTV QAM Modulator with Scaling

SKU: 5105-001
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Perfect for digital signage applications
  • Included scaling and dual channel capabilities
  • Creates a high-definition 720p/1080i MPEG-2 stream for broadcast

Contemporary Research QMOD-SDI HDMI

HD-3G SDI and HDMI QAM Modulator with Scaling

SKU: 5104-001
  • One HD-SDI input, 3G 1080p and 1080i/720p 59.94/60 Hz HD-SDI, and SD-SDI 480i widescreen/4:3 video
  • also accepts embedded 608/708 captioning and AES audio
  • One HDMI input (non-HDCP), up to 1080p with embedded audio
  • Streams IPTV from GigE Ethernet port

Contemporary Research QMOD-SDI 2

Dual Channel HD-SDI Modulator & IPTV Encoder with Scaling

SKU: 5095-001
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Quiet fan cooled operation
  • Scaling included
  • Modulation: Switchable 64/256 QAM, J83 Annex B, interleaving Modes (128,1)

Contemporary Research QMOD-YPB2

Dual Component & Composite HDTV Modulator

SKU: 5097-001
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Scaling included
  • Includes: Power supply
  • Two Component inputs
  • 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i

Contemporary Research QIP-HDMI

Dual HDMI Inputs IPTV 1080P Encoder

SKU: 5108-001
  • 2 HDMI inputs (non-HDCP)
  • Resolution: 480P to 1080P
  • Embedded PCM audio, pass-through AAC and AC-3
  • Two analog Stereo and two SPDIF coax audio inputs
  • Creates up to two high-definition SPST Unicast or IPTV streams, encoded as H.264 or MPEG2

Contemporary Research QIP-SDI

Dual SDI Inputs IPTV 1080P Encoder

SKU: 5109-001
  • 2 HD-SDI inputs
  • Resolution: 3G Level A 1080p and 1080i/720p 59.94/60 Hz HD-SDI, and SD-SDI 480i widescreen/4:3
  • Embedded 608/708 captioning and AES, AAC and AC-3 audio
  • Two Composite/CC video inputs for encoding, captioning, or EAS use

Contemporary Research QIP-SDI HDMI

SDI and HDMI Input IPTV 1080P Encoder

SKU: 5110-001
  • 1 HDMI inputs (non-HDCP)
  • 1 HD-SDI input
  • HDMI resolution: 480P to 1080P
  • SDI resolution: 3G Level A 1080p and 1080i/720p 59.94/60 Hz HD-SDI, and SD-SDI 480i widescreen/4:3

Contemporary Research Venue Vizion

HDTV Distribution and TV Control System Digital Matrix
  • Channel Origination
  • Four QMOD HDTV Modulators-IPTV Encoders convert up to eight sources to digital channels
  • RF outputs from the QMODs connect to the QCA9-33 Active Combiner to make one RF feed
  • Choose from the following QMOD models:
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