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Do you have an RF system but want more control of your devices without running expensive Ethernet or control cable? Now you can with Contemporary Research 's Display Express Control Systems. This system allows for a control signal to be sent between the 4 and 5 channels and carried with the rest of the channels without interfering. Three main components are used to achieve this: Display Express PC or PC with Display Express software installed, ICC-HE or ICE-HE Head End, and RF Controllers. Display Express Software operates, defines, and schedules display control using web based software.
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Contemporary Research SW-DX

Display Express Software

SKU: 5014-012
  • Free updates
  • Password-protected access for user and administrative access
  • Browser-based ASP.NET software accessible via IE7, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari
  • Dynamic or static IP address

Contemporary Research SSV-DX

1RU PC with Display Express Installed

SKU: 5059-003
  • Hosts pre-installed Display Express software
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Mounts in 19" equipment rack
  • Connects to ICC-HE Head End via RS-232
  • Compact, single rack height enclosure

Contemporary Research ICE-HE

Ethernet Head-End for iC-Net TV Controllers

SKU: 5040-001
  • Connects to TCP/IP Ethernet network via 10/100baseT port
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Includes: 19" rack mounting hardware, 10 dB RF attenuator
  • Network up to 4000 TVs, plasmas, LCDs, or projectors
  • Installation using a standard low-split cable system is a cinch

Contemporary Research ICC1-232

RS-232 Display Controller

SKU: 5064-001
  • Controls most brands of RS-232-controlled displays
  • Delivers absolute power control with discrete RS-232 commands
  • Tunes analog or HDTV format channels
  • Intelligent volume level and mute operation

Contemporary Research ICC2-ATSC 4

HDTV Tuner/Controller, RS-232, MPEG4

SKU: 5102-001
  • Through-the-RF Integration - Controls displays through iC-Net technology, communicating via existing MATV/CATV coax wiring for 2-way control and status
  • System Solutions - Communicates with Display Express software, and custom control systems

Contemporary Research ICC1-IRX

Display Controller, 1-way RF

SKU: 5101-001
  • Control Options: Discrete IR control
  • Control Database: Onboard commands for most display makes and models, network selectable
  • Includes CC-HSD Scan Sensor (if required), CC-IRE IR Emitter, RF loop cable, mounting Velcro, and 12VDC power supply
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