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Contemporary Research is now Shipping the Second Generation of QMOD's

Contemporary Research is now shipping their second generation line of QMODs for HDTV distribution.  The QMOD-HDMI1.5 is a hybrid dual channel model that feature full scaling, they now can also output the content as a Multicast or Unicast IPTV stream.  Other new features include EAS support and captioning, all these features make for an easy and cost effective installation.  

Also new is the QMOD-YPB2, QMOD-HDMI 2, and the QMOD-SDI 2.  These HDTV modulators carry 2 channels of satellite and cable TV origin, as well as channel component/composite/closed captioning, stereo and coaxial audio inputs.  These fully featured QAM modulators feature captioning, flex encoding, AC3, IPTV, and HD RF at an affordable price point.  2 

The slim design of the second-generation QMOD series allows them to take up minimal space in your rack, saving you valuable space.  You can mount two side by side in a 1 RU rack with the RK2EZ, or mount them in a single 1RU rack with the RK1.  All units ship with a power supply and feature a 2 year warranty for the ultimate in piece of mind.  Keep them up to date with the latest firmware upgrades via the easy to use web interface, the front panel and web page make set up and monitoring a snap.  The next time you need to distribute your digital signage or HDTV over your already existing coax, consider a second generation QMOD from Contemporary Research.

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