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Contemporary Research launches 4 new products - 232-ATSC+1, ATSC+SDI, 232-AMP+, QDA4-45

Contemporary Research is well known for their full line of QMOD HDTV modulators and HDTV tuners including the 232-ATSC+. Contemporary Research has unveiled a slimmed down version of the 232-ATSC+, called the232-ATSC+1. Able to fit two units side by side in a single rack space, the 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner is simple to setup and tunes digital & analog off air TV channels. Launched alongside the 232-ATSC+ was the ATSC+SDI HDTV tuner, sporting all the same features as the 232-ATSC+1 with the added benefits of simultaneous HD-SDI, Component, and Composite video outputs.

Another product launched from Contemporary Research was the 232-AMP+, an upgrade on the 232-AMPstereo mixer and amplifier. Intended for integration with projectors and flat panels, the plus means CR has also amped up the unit increasing the audio power from 32 watts to 40 watts. It has also been given a plenum rating allowing the unit to be even more flexible in where it can be installed. The mixer/amp was also engineered with a modification to the 18V power supply to now use a captive screw terminal for ease of connecting speakers.

Finally, Contemporary Research announced a revolutionary distribution amplifier and combiner called theQDA4-45. The unit is easy to control right from the front panel, select from 1 of 4 RF inputs with the ability to combine up to 36 channels with the Contemporary Research QCA9-33 combiner. Gain is also easily adjustable from the front panel LCD display. The device can also amplify up to 50 dB with a low noise factor all while being extremely energy efficient.

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